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《Chef Bear》The difference of celebrating the new year in countries

Did you know that different countries have different ways to celebrate the New Year are also very different?

Spanish people eat 12 grapes on New Year's Eve and eat one with the sound of a bell. This skill of eating grapes at high speed is a must-have skill for Spanish people!

In the morning, the old people cry first, then the middle-aged people cry, then young people and children cry. They won't go out until noon to congratulate each other.


There are all kinds of strange ways to celebrate the New Year in various countries, Today, I would like to introduce to you a few countries with their unique and interesting ways of celebrating the New Year.

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Mexicans believe that if you want to have good luck in the new year, you have to hold back your smile and they also believe that Ladies wear red underwear for love and passion on New Year’s eve, yellow underwear for prosperity and happiness, green for wealth and well-being, and white for hope and peace.






The big New Year's Eve tradition in Denmark involves smashing plates against your friends' front doors. It's a measure of popularity to find a heap of broken china on the doorstep at midnight - according to the tradition, this brings good luck, so the more smashed plates, the more you'll get.


But why do people eat soba on New Year’s? To say it with two little words: good fortune. Compared to ramen and other pasta enjoyed in Japan, soba is rather firm to the bite and easy to break while eating. Thus, soba symbolizes “breaking off the old year.” Their thin, long shape is also synonymous with a long and healthy life! Toshikoshi soba does also serve a very practical purpose, though: as the majority of Japanese head to a temple or shrine at midnight of New Year’s Eve, the easily digestible buckwheat noodles make for a very good late night and early morning snack!




Finally, we will introduce our country



One of the famous traditional events is Family Dinner, it's similar to that of Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner, this is the meal to bring all family members together. Some family dinners are just one table of a more nuclear family, but some parents and grandparents have so many brothers and sisters that their needs be a small size banquet hall to fit the family!

During dinner, no bad news or any inauspicious words are to be spoken. Only happiness and laughter are allowed at the table along with the many foods of the new year – fish, chicken, white radish cake, dumplings, and much more.

The customs of the New Year are very different in countries, and the original intention is to bring good luck to the new year. It's close to the end of the year, let us forget all unhappiness and stay healthy and happy for celebrating the new year's coming 
Happy new year!



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